Balance yourself by connecting
with nature!

Manremyc brings you back to nature thanks to bacteria that multiply in the meadows of the high mountains, where there is a flora that is generated from the water originating from the melting snow.



With the outbreak of spring, molleras are generated, a plant community generated among wetlands as a result of exceptional environmental conditions, which require crystalline water and where exceptional bacteria multiply, the environmental mycobacteria, which multiply thanks to this particular environment.

Manremyc brings you closer to

“old friends”

Environmental mycobacteria are part of this group of micro-organisms called “old friends” that since ancient times have enriched our gut microbiota thanks to their properties that balance our physiology.

Unfortunately, modern life deprives us of contact with these “old friends” and the increasing exploitation of our natural environment, environmental pollution and climate change is reducing these fragile but necessary spaces for good health.

Manremyc proposal

Manremyc brings these increasingly scarce bacteria to you, so that they can restore the physiological balance that you have lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life.